Thursday, 12 April 2012

Small business web sites - bite sized pieces

Yesterday I gave a workshop to a few WiRE members who wanted to get to grips with their websites. The desired outcome was a list of changes they could brief their web designer on. During the session I was reminded again how important it is that a business owner considers a web site as a three part project.

Content - Look - Build
(navigation is a core consideration of each of these).

  • content falls into the realms of 'marketing communications' . I would urge clients to bash some wording about in a word processing package before they even consider contacting a 'web designer'. Start to section it in a way that makes sense to your reader to help them navigate through your information. 
  • the look of the site requires design and branding skill. Your web site is a highly visible application of your brand. Select some images or take some photos that will resonate with your readers. 
  • Building the site is the techy bit, which is where most 'web designers' (in most cases web technician is a better description) are most comfortable. Web technicians are brilliant if they have a great brief they can comment on - hence the importance of business owners taking responsibility for the two points above. 
A website needn't be a huge elephantine project. Break it into these bite sized chunks. Contract the support or learn the DIY toolset to help you put it together and manage it. Conduct a strategic review to ensure it meets your marketing needs.

If you would like to join our next group 2 hour strategic review workshop or have your own private review session please email us.

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