Monday, 1 August 2011

Netwalking in Churnet Valley

More opportunities to improve your work life balance!

- work bit is making/strengthening your connections with local business people
- the life bit is enjoying some fabulous scenery and getting some exercise by walking for an hour or so
- the balance bit is the consumption of refreshments afterwards!

So this is what to expect from netwalking!  Plus the easy, stress-free nature of this form of networking resulting from the format that Paul arranges.

Next netwalking: 23rd August - Churnet Valley, Staffordshire
meeting in Alton at the Parish Church to set off at 12.30pm.  
Walking for about an hour with a quasi-formal facilitated networking structure.    Booking via netwalking booking form

Comments about the network following the Carsington Water netwalk

Sort of small print:
Paul, the netwalking leader that we have partnered with (, has a netwalker code:

You are your own best medical expert.
Accept the need for the group to make the journey together – being outdoors there is a shared responsibility. Alert fellow netwalkers to any hazards along the way.
Share your expertise - if you spot something interesting.
Help people over difficult patches or obstacles – like up inclines or over stiles.
Set your own pace and re-group every now and then.
Choose what information you want to share, who with and how.