Monday, 16 January 2012

advertising with AIDA impact

We'll make your advertising work hard . . . here's how!

Have you heard of AIDA?

Your advertising needs to be eye-catching with something that grabs attention, like an image or a bold statement.
random image - made you look tho

Once you've caught someone's attention, you need to stimulate their interest to delve deeper - key messages in bold text and in image captions often work well.  These teasers need to mean something to the readers or they will quickly lose interest again.

The idea is that they quickly understand what it's all about and engage with what you are saying.  This is the make or break moment for your copy.  What you are saying has to resonate enough with the emotions of your potential buyers for them to take action.  This means that you have to create a sense of desire that motivates them.  You need to share the joys that the benefits of your product or service will bring.  At the same time they have to have a clear understanding of all the facts.  So think about exactly what they need to know.

By this stage they have breezed rapidly along an emotional journey, supported by fact, and have alighted at the point of decision.  To take action now, or not to take action?  Yikes - you don't want to mess up now!  Keep them on track . . ..What will swing the reader to jump into gear and not leave it til later?  Quick, can you think of a limited offer, a consequence, some way to motivate them to start loving the thing you are offering ...soonest?   If you can't quite think of something, I know for certain that we can.

We have ideas aplenty, and lots of experience to back it up.  So email us now at and let's put some refreshing sparkle into your advertising.

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