Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Marketing & Technology Workshops - spring 2011 series

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I co-presented a workshop recently with Chris Woodhouse, an IT and technology expert.  We trialled the one event to see how it went.  Quite honestly we were quite pleased with it.  But obviously it is not what we think it is what the delegates thought of it, and it seems they were pleased with it too.  Phew!

We were delighted to receive this comment on the LinkedIn page for the event:  "Really enjoyed this workshop and came away with lots of practical ideas.  Highly recommended."

Since then Chris and I have put our heads together and the result is a number of workshops on Marketing and Technology working together. 

Is your website doing its job? Let's ask Google! - we take you through the best way to analyse your site traffic and interpret findings into a plan of action.

Grow your business using loads of free stuff  - we short cut delegates to low cost / no cost marketing tools that we know work and demo case studies of clients that are doing a good job.

Can you improve your online marketing? - we help you assess whether your online marketing efforts are working and throw in some alternatives to consider.

Business development using The Cloud technology - using case studies we explore how to make the most of the tools already at your disposal and the software and gadgets that you can add for smarter marketing and business development.

More details on all of these tutorial workshops >> Marketing & Technology
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