Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Press Release Oct 2009: Strictly Marketing Club

Press Release: Strictly Marketing Club is a year’s programme for business owners.

Businesses in Derbyshire and Staffordshire are being offered a way to make sure their marketing effort isn’t wasting time or breaking the bank. Strictly Marketing Club is designed to help business owners focus their effort and maximise results from their marketing. It’s a programme for the year with a combination of group workshop participation and one-to-one marketing consultancy.

The workshops consist of tutorials, case studies and group discussion, all designed to add insight and inspiration as well as encourage action and add accountability. Catherine Doel, MD of Henmore Marketing and facilitator of the Strictly Marketing Club workshops says: “The programme will help business owners remain in control of their marketing communications and budget for the year ahead. Participants establish clear marketing objectives and create their own calendar of activity to suit their businesses. We cover strategic subjects and make them relevant to participating businesses by addressing tactics they could use and discussing case studies. Ideas and feedback from everyone in the group plays an important part.”

These days, simply being 'open for business' is rarely enough. Businesses need to find ways to get their message out there and convert interest into sales. Business owners have joined the programme to ensure all aspects of their marketing mix are well planned and managed.

Paul Hickman, an experienced business owner who runs Great Business Websites in Belper, explains why his business has joined the Strictly Marketing Club programme: “I know a good deal about marketing already, but there is always more to think about and it is important to take time to focus. The management team at Great Business Websites is serious about what we want to achieve and the part that marketing plays in that. We will be using the consultancy sessions for experienced input to our marketing plans, and the group workshops to get feedback on everything we do to win and keep customers. Starting and running a business means spinning a lot of plates - marketing is not one we intend to drop! This programme will be enough to keep us thinking and is incredibly cost effective for what it includes.”

The first group Workshops are starting in October and November and are being held at Dove Studios in Ellastone.

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