Monday, 18 June 2012

Positive comments - a lovely way to start the week!

I gave a talk on Social Media recently to a tourism group.  It was very difficult to know how much detail I should go into because I am mindful that a proportion of the delegates were probably never going to engage with many of the tools of social media. Twitter was a 'marmite' subject to that audience. Half of the delegates were more likely to be consumers of social media than contributors, probably unwittingly at that. So with this in mind I added into my social media talk a small plea. Would everyone please make one small change to their browsing habits? After reading, leave a comment. It matters to small business owners, in particular, to receive feedback. So why do readers hold back? Does is matter so much to travel the web incognito?

Here is this morning's reminder of my plea to the tourism group. I am running a small workshop on Thursday about blogging. This morning I was very encouraged to receive a Facebook comment from Joy, one of the registrants on the course. She wrote: "Very much looking forward to Blogging on Thursday. Can really recommend Catherine's Workshops @dovefarm as they are informative and helpful but at the same time friendly and relaxed."

I am very grateful to Joy for her testimonial.  How lovely to receive positive feedback and what a great way to start the week.  I am prepping the workshop with extra enthusiasm as a result. 

So how about it?  When browsing the web today could you spare a second to leave a comment... even if you would never, ever describe yourself as a social media user?

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Ha! thought I'd be the first to comment