Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ideas and strategies into action - Like!

A few months ago I ran a day's training on improving your online presence and using social media tools for business and one of the attendees was Lucy Cufflin, foodie and Cookery Writer.  In the group there were experienced social media users and total sceptics.  I hope that Lucy won't mind me saying that she came to the event yet to be convinced or the merits of any of it; persuaded to come by a business associate.  And look at Lucy today, my goodness.  She has three Facebook business pages.  And check out the comment below if you can read it. . .

Lucy posts"bring your friends, spread the word" and the reply posts says . . . . (I love this bit) "I already am! facebook definitely works, every Friday I get reminded its cake day and almost every week I'm trying a new cake from you . . ."

Lucy has found her online voice and things are going well.  I am off to check up on how the other course attendees are doing now.

Next course June 15th - Cromford Mill.

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