Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Put your footer down

Emails - we all dash out loads everyday. Here, we have lots of Henmore Marketing email accounts and various accounts for each of our local areas of thebestof.co.uk. Most businesses have similar arrangements. I know for a fact that we do not make the most of our emails to update clients on other things that we are doing. So here is my 'blinding flash of the obvious' (as ActionCoach pal Neale Lewis would say) shared here today.

Footers on your emails. When was the last time that you updated yours?

I was reminded of this BFO twice today. Once when I was looking for someone's telephone number and thought it would be quickest simpy to open one of her emails to me. I opened them all, and not even a basic footer with contact details to be found on any of them. Let alone all the business about registered company details etc. The other time I was discussing with another client a forthcoming industry event they are exhibiting at and ways to maximise an award they have just received. This business has 120 people, all sending dozens of emails every day. Simple and cheap marketing - a footer with exhibition dates and the award logo is going out to all staff with instructions to update their email footer.

My personal BFO is to apply all this good marketing sense to my own emails - how many accounts did I say I'll have to amend . . . ?

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